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Preferred Legal Case & Matter Management Software

Legal Files case and matter management software is used by legal professionals every day to maximize efficiency and dramatically improve workflow. Whether deployed on premises or in the Cloud, our legal software is the preferred choice for corporate and government legal departments, leading law firms, legal services clinics, insurance companies, and universities around the globe.

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With our software, legal professionals can:

  • Access your data from the devices you regularly use–phones, tablets and computers.
  • Launch workflows quickly to improve staff productivity.
  • Standardize day-to-day operations making your workday smoother.
  • Deploy our software on premises or in the Cloud.
  • Launch workflows quickly to improve staff productivity.
  • Customize the software to your unique needs without the need for outside vendors or your IT department’s constant help.
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Case Management Product Offerings

Corporate Law

Litigation Cases

Contact Management

Legal Matter



Task Management

System Notification

Universal Search

Documents Management

Time Tracking

Contract Management

Resources that Enable Customer Success

Consultancy Services

Firm helping legal teams build robust workflows and well-structured interrelations with key business parties.

Implementation Services

Our service extend to include implementation, migration, upgrade, solution design, configuration and more.

Support Services

We are experts in providing the needed support structures and services to meet our clients needs.

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